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Covid 19 -- Cedar View Country Club League Modifications


  1. 12 Teams will play Wednesday / 11 Teams will play Thursday

    1. Both nights starting at 5:30 pm

    2. Check teams and schedules to see which night and hole you play

  2. Clubhouse 

    1. Will be open on a very limited basis (before and after league)

      1. Restrooms or purchasing of beverages  

      2. Golfers must exit immediately after using the restrooms or making purchase

    2. We will follow the 10 person limit rule

    3. Patio / Deck will be closed at all times

  3. Before League:

    1. Golfers are NOT to congregate in the clubhouse.

      1. Use your schedule to go directly to starting hole when you arrive

    2. Buying Drinks:

      1. Please arrive early

      2. Call ahead if possible

      3. Please try to bring cash as much as possible so you don’t have to enter the clubhouse. 

      4. If you need to use a credit card, clubhouse will be open for that (following the 10 person guidelines) -- depart immediately after purchase

    3. Scorecards:

      1. Designate 1 person only to get the scorecard.

      2. When the round is completed, please put the scorecard in the scorecard box located outside of the clubhouse.

    4. Golf Carts:

      1. 1 person to a cart ONLY

        1. Unless you are family members or live in the same household

        2. Rental carts are available at no cost (limited basis)

        3. Try to find a cart that you can borrow from someone

  4. League:

    1. Practice social distancing - "meaning keep a 6 foot distance between yourself and others at all times" (especially on the tee boxes and greens)

    2. Foam inserts are in every hole

    3. Only 1 golfer to a cart

    4. Ball washers are not on the course

    5. Flags will stay in at all times (DO NOT TAKE FLAG OUT)

    6. Outdoor restrooms will be closed / locked

    7. No rakes in the sand traps

    8. Meals 

      1. Hamburgers, brats and hot dogs) will be available when you depart hole 9 and head to hole 1. 

    9. Drinks

      1. Locations on the course to purchase drinks

      2. Practice social distancing

  5. After League:

    1. Scorecards are to be put in the scorecard box found outside of the clubhouse door.

    2. Clubhouse and patio/deck will be closed for seating

    3. Sales of drinks will end at 8:30 pm

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