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2024 League Info

Click on the picture for teams and schedules

Men's League - Wednesday evenings 5:30


Joining League:

Men interested in joining league need to:

1. Send/Return league interest cards by the last Sunday of March.

2. Contact the League President, CVCC, or any CVCC Board Member

3. Players should state intention (regular or substitute)

4. Only league members (graduated from high school) are eligible to play league


Fun Night: (if applicable -- not having one in 2023

1. 2nd Wednesday in April (5 pm)

2. A non structured evening (idea is for teams to meet each other and play)

League Play:

1. Schedule (handed out at beginning of year)

    a. Shows dates, times, and holes to start for every week of the year

    b. Shows list of substitutes

2. Substitutes

    a. Player who want to be substitutes should contact League President

    b. Player who needs a substitute

        ** Refer to the substitute list and try to contact a sub

        ** If no sub can be found, call CVCC and leave name of who needs a substitute

             and/or contact "A" golfer

    c. Only CVCC Members can substitute for League


    Beginning Round:

    a. Teams are to start on the hole found on schedule (5:30 pm SHARP)

        ** Fun night & 1st night of league will begin at 5:15

        ** Call CVCC for weather updates / Final decisions will be made around 5:00

    b. Players need to start the round with their team on the designated hole

        ** Once the first hole is complete, any absent/late player forfeits all points.

    c. Substitutes are placed in for player that is gone (EX: C player gone gets substitute)


    a. Should be picked up in the clubhouse by a team member at the beginning of rounds. Scores

        should be kept on the scorecard and returned to the clubhouse immediately following the round

    b. Scores for each hole should be filled in.

    c. A team member from each team should sign each scorecard


    a. Teams can win up to 10 points each week

        ** Points will be awarded to each player (1 pt for stroke victory and 1 pt for match play victory

              over their opponent). A vs A, B vs B, C vs C, and D vs D

        ** Match play: Player goes head to head. Low score wins the hole. Handicapped differences

             will be determined by giving strokes on lowest handicapped to highest handicapped

             holes until difference is equalized. Winner of most holes = 1 pt // Tie = .5 pt

        ** Stroke play: Player score - handicap = NET score (1 pt for win / .5 pt for tie)

        ** Team Total: Take total of 4 players NET scores. Low team total gets 2 pts /// Tie gets 1 pt

        ** Absent / short golfers: if a player is gone the absent player receives a predetermined

             net score (39) -- opponent of absent golfer automatic gets the match point BUT must

             fully defeat the predetermined net score to win full stroke play point.

     b. Play

         ** Players will play from the white tees (players over 70 have the OPTION to tee off from reds                  but must do so every week -- cannot move between whites and reds)

         ** LOST BALL RULE: if a ball is deemed lost then player will drop a ball in the general area                  the ball was lost and incur a one stroke penalty

         ** PUTTING: once players reach the green putting should be completed from inside/out

         ** Putts may be given only by members of the opposite team (any member may give

              putts to ANY player on the opposing team.

         ** All putts should either be finished or given

         ** Ball may be played up and/or lifted, cleaned, and placed in own fairway

         ** USGA rules apply for everything else

     c. Handicaps

         ** Determined by the last 10 weeks a player had played during the season (except for the first

              10 weeks in which handicaps will be adjusted weekly by beginning average and play


         ** Free meal and drink tickets per golfer will be provided by the League

         ** A Calcutta auction will be held for all interested persons the Wednesday night prior to

              league tournament


         ** Playoff tee times will begin at 5

         ** Teams will qualify for the playoffs by winning the most points in 1 of the 4 quarters.

     **** Ties will be broken by:

              ** 1st quarter (low net score the following week by the tied teams)

              ** 2nd - 4th quarter (most wins that year by tied teams up to that point)

              ** Held the 2 Wednesdays following the Regular Season

              ** 4 Qualified teams will play each other (randomly chosen 1st night of playoffs)

              ** A team cannot win more than 1 quarter (guarantee of 4 teams in playoffs)


        ** Held the 2 Wednesdays following the Regular Season

        ** Tournament will start no later than the 3rd Wednesday in September

        ** Will play tournament and regular season if time constraints become a problem

        ** An entry fee ($20) will be collected to paid back in full after expenses are paid

        ** A Calcutta auction will be held for all interested persons the Wednesday night prior to

             league tournament


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